algae remover


“Algae growth was slowed in this marine tank with a close daylight lamp source of 50,000K for three weeks. The algae were subsequently removed by light wiping.”






Facts about Tankguard:

Once an algae build-up occurs, a light wipe-over is all that is needed to remove algal growth.

Significantly reduces cleaning frequency.

Certified as chemically inert by ISEGR Institute so will not harm tank life.

Invisible and will not impair optical value of glass.

Provides permanent, repeat performance protection.

Unique: A permanent treatment to enhance algae removal from glass.

Requires just one application to the new tank before the tank is filled.

Allow 24 hrs after application for coating to cure at room temperature (20’c)

Will allow easy algae removal on fresh, tropical and marine tanks (will also slow growth of algae in marine tanks, where water flow will impede. adhesion)

Product is totally irritant and toxin free, and completely harmless to tank life.

Easy and quick application.

Is totally inert.

A new approach to algae maintenance.

Any excess can be applied to outside of tanks to enable lime-scale removal.

The product has been tried and tested and endorsed by Practical Fishkeeping Magazine’s “First Sight” – October Issue ’06, and
has been applied to one manufacturer’s fish tanks for over 18 months.

Saves hours of scraping over the life of a tank!



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